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AA approved literature is available for purchase at the Central Office. Office hours vary based on volunteer availability, so it is best to call ahead at 805-925-3782.

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Conference Approved Literature Available through the Central Office:

B-01 Alcoholics Anonymous - Hard Cover  
B-30 Alcoholics Anonymous - Soft Cover  
B-16 Alcoholics Anonymous - Large Print  
B-35 Alcoholics Anonymous - Pocket Size
B-04 Twelve & Twelve - Hard - Gift  
B-17 Twelve & Twelve - Pocket Size  
B-14 Twelve & Twelve - Large Print  
B-15 Twelve & Twelve - Soft Cover  
B-03 A.A. Comes of Age - Bill W. tells how A.A. started.  
B-20 Experience, Strength, & Hope - 56 retired stories from the first three editions of the Big Book 
B-05 As Bill Sees It  
B-27 As Bill Sees It - Large Print  
B-18 As Bill Sees It - Soft Cover  
B-12 Daily Reflections - A.A.s reflect on favorite quotations from A.A. literature  
B-19 Daily Reflections - Large Print 
B-08 Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers - Life story of Dr. Bob  
B-09 Pass It On - Biography of Bill W. and the development of the fellowship  
B-06 Came to Believe - A.A. members write about what the phrase "spiritual awakening" means to them. 
B-26 Came to Believe - Large Print
B-07 Living Sober - Examples of how A.A. members throughout the world live and stay sober one day at a time. 
B-25 Living Sober - Large Print
B-13 A.A. In Prison: Inmate to Inmate -
stories from the Grapevine of men & women who found sobriety while in prison.
B-13 Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers - Life story of Dr. Bob  
BB-06 Best of Bill  
BM-31 A.A. Service Manual/Twelve Concepts  
Big Book Dictionary  
Twelve & Twelve Dictionary  
In Our Own Words  
GV-06 Language of the Heart GV-14 Spiritual Awakenings
GV-07 The Home Group: Heartbeat of A.A. GV-17 Emotional Sobriety, the Next Frontier
GV-13 Thank You for Sharing GV-20 Beginner Book
P-53 Co-Founder of A.A.    
P-13 Do You Think You're Different? P-01 This is A.A. (An Introduction)
P-02 44 Questions P-06 Three Talks to the Medical Societies
P-57 44 Questions (Large Print) P-37 Too Young?
P-19 General Service Representatives P-08 Twelve Concepts For World Service
P-10 How It Works P-47 Understanding Anonymity
P-46 If You are a Professional P-39 What Happened to Alice
P-18 Inside A.A. P-38 What Happened to Joe
P-48 A.A. Membership Survey P-04 Young People and A.A
P-42 A Brief Guide to Alcoholics Anonymous P-41 A Member's Eye View of A.A.
P-20 A Message to Correctional Professionals P-24 A Newcomer Asks
P-23 A.A. as a Resrouce for the Health Care P-50 A.A. and the Armed Services
P-32 A.A. and the Gay/Lesbian Alcoholic P-21 A.A. for the Native North American
P-22 A.A. for the Older Alcoholic P-05 A.A. for the Woman
P-26 A.A. in Correctional Facilities P-27

A.A. in Treatment Facilities

P-31 A.A. in Your Community P-17 A.A. Tradition - How it Developed
P-44 A.A.'s Legacy of Service P-49 Bridging the Gap - Between Treatment
P-51 Can A.A. Help Me Too? P-45 Circles of Love and Service
P-29 How A.A. Members Cooperate with P-18 Inside A.A.
P-36 Is A.A. for Me? P-03 Is A.A. for you
P-54 Is There an Alcoholic in the Workplace P-30 Is There an Alcoholic in Your Life?
P-39 It Happened to Alice P-33 Is Sure Beats Sitting in a Cell
P-34 Let's Be Friendly with Our Friends P-14 Letter to a Woman Alcoholic
P-25 Members of the Clergy Ask About A.A. P-09 Memo to an Inmate Who May Be an Alcoholic
P-35 Problems Other That Alcohol P-15 Q&A on Sponsors
P-40 Speaking an Non-A.A. Meetings P-52 The A.A. Grapevine
P-16 The A.A. Group P-11 The A.A. Member - Medications
P-53 The Co-Founders of A.A. P-12 The Jack Alexander Article About A.A.
P-43 The Twelve Traditions Illustrated P-37 Too Young?
P-55 Twelve Steps Illustrated P-28 Twelve Traditions Flyer (Large Type)
F-03 7th Tradition    
F-09 A Message to Teenagers F-01 AA at a Glance
F-12 The D.C.M. F-06 Your A.A. General Service Office
F-02 Information on Alcoholics Anonymous F-19 Self Support Packet
Libros Espa˝oles
SB-01 Alcohˇlicos Anˇnimos - El Libro Grande SB-14 Doce Pasos y Doce Tradiciones - Ediciˇn en caracteres grandes
SB-30 Alcohˇlicos Anˇnimos - El libro en rustica SB-15 Doce Pasos y Doce Tradiciones
SB-16 Alcohˇlicos Anˇnimos - Ediciˇn en caracteres grandes SB-17 Doce Pasos y Doce Tradiciones - Ediciˇn de bolsillo en rustica
SB-07 Viviendo Sobrio SP-01 Spanish this is AA
SB-02 Spanish 44 Questiona SP-03 Spanish Is AA for You?
SB-12 Reflexiones Diarias (Spanish Daily Reflexions) SB-18 Como Lo Ve Bill
SB-04 Los Joyenes y AA
M-34 Alcoholics Anonymous, Braille M-35 Twelve & Twelve, Braille
M-50 Daily Reflections, Braille    
Wallet Cards    
M-02 Wallet Card 12x12 Serenity Prayer M-21 I am Responsible Card
M-22 Anonymity Wallet Card    
MB-01 Big Book on tape    
Aluminum Chip; 24 hr, 1 - 11 Months    
Bronze Chips; Antique Bronze Medallions for 1 - 40 years    

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